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Hear what people are saying about Andrieni Fitness!

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I just started with Andreini Fitness (at his private gym) and Mike, I am so happy I did!  Mike customizes the workout to your comfort level while still pushing you to achieve your goals.  My main priority is loosing weight not so much building muscle so he has tweaked a custom program for me and my wife to help us both lose weight and tone.  Forget the intimidating gyms, with Andreini fitness you get individualized one on one attention throughout your entire workout to ensure proper technique and achieve maximize results.  I would highly HIGHLY recommend Andreini Fitness and Mike to anyone.  I can't wait to keep seeing more results!
Steve K.  -(3/25/15)


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"Mike has been training me for over a year and half now. He's helped change my life for the better so much. I was over 300 pounds and felt hopeless at times before I met him. But with some commitment and his guidance I was able to lose over 100 pounds and gain a ton of muscule also!"

Joe K. -(6/7/16)

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"Mike (or as I call him Obi Wan) has been training me for nearly a year. Let me start by saying I have never played a sport, I've always been overweight, and I hate to sweat! So as I was nearing 40 I decided it was time to try something new. I contacted him straight from his Craigslist add and couldn't have been happier. I am stronger, more confident, and happier with myself than I've ever been. He is knowledgable, attentive, and always changing things up. After all this time I still have fun going. He is simply the best!

(Oh and it helps that with his help I've lost 30+ pounds, reached my goal weight, and now have the body I thought I'd never have.)"

Kim J. -(7/8/2016)

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He's a great teacher and an even better person...I lost 60 pounds going to him...and I highly recommend him to everyone of my friends!

Evan D. (1/27/2017)

Billy's before and after picture


Michael Andreini has helped me get closer to my fitness goals. 25lbs gone over the summer! I feel younger then I did a year ago! I highly recommend Andreini Fitness to anyone who is looking to truly feel better about their fitness. Thank you Andreini Fitness, your the best!"

Billy W. -(9/21/15)

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"Michael Andreini is a fantastic personal trainer who I would highly recommend to family and friends. I have been working with him over the last year. After having numerous knee surgeries, including ACL and meniscus reconstructions, I felt that my work outs at the gym were useless due to the limited activities I was allowed to do. Although I was very athletic over the years, Mike has taught me how to properly lift as well as safe exercises and stretches that will work specifically for me. Mike has helped personalize my work outs and has given me the confidence to work out again. I never thought I could be able to lift what I am lifting now. He is extremely easy going and is always diligent in responding to a client. In addition, he always makes himself available in the event that I have any questions. Also he is accommodating and is willing to switch my allotted time if something changes in my schedule, even last minute. Again, I would highly recommend Andreini Fitness to anyone!

Kate M. (6/9/2016)



" We have been taking our high school aged daughter to Michael since October and has helped her out tremendously. She is on the crew team and has increased her strength and endurance. He is very knowledgeable about fitness and what her needs are. With the very demanding schedule for crew he payed special care to insure she stays injury free. Our son has since started with Michael as well as another member of the crew team. I would recommend him to anyone at any fitness level."

- Phillip O. (6/20/2019)


"I’ve been training with Mike for just over 1 year now. Mike has been extremely focused on helping me achieve my goals and makes every session challenging. My fitness has increased noticeably and I’ve seen improvements in my ability to complete full core circuits. As well as lift increasingly heavier weights & generally push myself harder throughout each session. I recommend Mike to anyone looking to improve their fitness with a dedicated trainer!"

Dawan T. -(11/2/17)

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DJ's Transformation

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Mike changed my life. He is truly a dedicated trainer who cares about his clientele and their success. I went to mike depressed and overweight and I have progressively lost pounds and inches with his guidence. He is extremely accommodating to my schedule as it can get hectic being a full time student and working. I have worked with trainers and different programs in the past and Mike is the only individual who made me feel 100% comfortable while also giving me a vigorous workout. He even at times texted me "at home workouts" to do when I was unable to make it or on holiday. Overall, I recommend Mike to anyone because since going to him I am the healthiest and happiest I've been in years! Thanks Mike!

Maura G. (1/17/2017)


"Working with Mike and Andreini Fitness is both convenient and effective. I opted for the at home training which prevents me from making any excuses! Mike is always on-time and comes prepared with complete work outs! Mike incorporates weight training and HIIT to provide a complete workout within one hour. Most importantly, safety is always a concern of Mike's. He always uses proper safety measures when weight training and he creates work outs that are appropriate for previous injuries I have had. 5-Stars for Andreini Fitness!"

Lisa S. -(10/5/15)


"I have been working out with Mike Andreini for the past 3 years and recommend his work as a Physical Fitness/Personal Trainer highly. He is very methodical in developing the best range of warm-ups, core exercises, weight lifting and aerobic fitness for each individual he works with toward meeting their goals. Unlike going to a traditional gym where you might get bored by doing the same repetitious routine, Mike is continually course-correcting a unique program tailored to achieve your desired fitness goals. I never knew that at this stage of the game (in my late-50s) that I would be lifting the weights that I am, doing the level of intense workouts that I do and generally feeling stronger and more energetic than I have in many years. Mike Andreini is the best around, and you should absolutely make it a point to schedule a time to meet and discuss your fitness goals with him today."

John H. -(10/3/2017)




“Mike has been my trainer for over 3 years. He is the perfect mix of tough and encouraging. Each workout is tailored to my individual needs. He changes up the workouts to be fun, yet challenging. I have worked out for years, but Mike was able to motivate me and keep challenging me!”​
Catherine S. -(1/6/2018)


"Best personal trainer ever!!! As a larger women who has no experience with sports or physical activity, Mike creates individualized workouts that are challenging but not killer. He watches closely to give you pointers and keep you on track. I have done more with him in the past three years then in my entire life. You will never feel not good enough or intimidated. Days that I have doubted myself and my physical ability he has shown me that it was nothing more then a mental block. Another big plus to training with Mike is that he actually listens to you and will work around any injury or concerns you may have. I wish you could give more then five starts because Andreini Fitness deserves ten!!!!! If you are thinking about using a personal trainer but on the fence don’t hesitate just go to the best!!!!"

Brooke L. -(1/11/2018)


"For years I wanted to engage in some type of exercise routine but didn't know where to begin. When I started with Michael Andreini, 3 years ago, I was a little hesitant about my ability, and at 52, I questioned my commitment. But having Mike as my trainer, all my doubts soon went away and I was hooked!
I started out at 2 days a week and soon went to 3, and after the first few months, I felt great mentally and was toning up physically.
The guidance from Mike was just what I was looking for and he made each workout fun, challenging and never boring.
For anyone debating whether to start using a personal trainer, Mike is the man for you. I highly recommend Andreini Fitness !!"

MaryEileen W. -(1/8/2018)


"Mike is an awesome trainer. He always made me feel comfortable and I learned a great deal from him. I was able to build muscle and tone up the areas I wanted. Mike was great at explaining lifting techniques and the correct squat position. Overall Mike is the best trainer I have ever had. I highly recommend him!"

Allison F. (8/2/2017)


I have started training with Michael in November. In just 4 months, I have made tremendous gains in my strength. I loved the way he pairs the sessions with circuits and strength training. After I started working with him, and working around my knee issues, I clearly see how my range of motion for squats increased dramatically. This tailor-made training is what I needed to achieve my goals. We train right in my living room which is very convenient. I would recommend him to all my family and friends.”​
Padma I. -(3/30/15)


"I enjoyed my experience having Michael as a trainer. Focused on core and strengthening. Taught me the proper way to work out and stretch. I highly recommend his services to anyone."

Antonio R. (3/27/2017)


"A certified fitness expert, Mike creatively motivates and pushes you to achieve your personal goals. Highly recommend!" - Shun G. (8/1/2017)


"Mike is an amazing personal trainer. I have worked with him on and off for a year due to a personal injury. He has always took the time to make workout plans that were best for me. If you are looking for a great trainer, Mike is your guy."

Janel F. (10/11/2016)


"Great trainer! Lots of program options, keeps it interesting!"

Claudia B. -(8/3/15)


"Working with Michael Andreini, from Andreini Fitness was one of the best experiences I have ever had. He was my first ever personal trainer and he made a point to tailor every workout for me and my needs and wants. He created an atmosphere where everyone could succeed and be confident. Mike is knowledgable and approachable and so easy to work with. Anyone would be lucky to work with Mike!."

Danielle T. -(1/4/18)


"I’ve been training with Mike for over a year now. I wanted to start training a long time ago but never liked crowded gyms and personal trainers that I've looked into were too expensive and typically too far away. My job has me sitting a lot and I wanted to get up and start moving, to lose some weight and build muscle, and to be fit overall. Mike's classes were very affordable and he was a few only a few minutes from my work.

Mike is very flexible with his hours and has accommodated me when my work schedule changes from time to time. Mike is focused on helping me achieve my goals and makes every session challenging and fun. My fitness and strength have increased noticeably and I’ve seen improvements in my ability to complete more, lift progressively heavier weights & generally push myself harder throughout each session. I never thought I'd say this but I find I actually look forward to my workouts.

We are also currently working on my diet to dial it in for even better results.The atmosphere is relaxed and makes the time seem to fly by.I thoroughly enjoy working out with him, and would recommend Mike to anyone looking to improve their fitness."

Art F. (9/23/2016)


"It has been a year that I've been training with Mike. Within that time, I've gotten in better shape and can lift much more than I ever could or tried. Mike challenges with each session and you get the maximum out of every workout. He encourages you with a knowledgeable approach. If you're looking for a quality instructor, Mike is great to work with regarding scheduling, the workout program and overall fitness. I highly recommend him!" - John K. (8/28/2017)


"Mike is a great trainer. I have been training with him off and on for the past three years. He is motivating and he keeps your needs in mind when creating a workout. He is understandin but also can pushing you to where u need to be. He also educates me one different aspects from diets to Stretches. He is a great trainer over all." - Michelle K. (1/9/2018)


"Michael is awesome! I just completed my second week and I have felt and seen so many changes in my core, legs, and overall strength. I am used to working out on my own and basically doing cardio. Training with him has shown me the importance of incorporating weights and interval workouts. There is so much variety that I am never bored. He is very skilled in tailoring a workout for each individual and taking the time to show you the proper way of using the equipment and how to execute the work out. He's funny and when I am having a drag day he plays just the right music to get me out the slump! Lol! I highly recommend his services!"

- Belinda M. (4/21/2018)


"I trained with Michael for about 6 weeks, 3 times a week. He kept the workouts consistent yet interesting. Even though it was a short period of time, I noticed an increase in strength. Michael is very approachable and flexible when it comes to adjusting training to his clients' needs. I would definitely recommend training with him if you are getting bored of your fitness routine!"

- Karina R. (7/1/2018)


"Mike has been  great trainer this summer for my son Bryce. He plays baseball and this was his first summer training with weights seriously. Mike made sure that everything they did was learned with proper form and he was able to focus in on baseball specific exercises while building his overall strength. Recommend Andreini Fitness highly!"

- Mike F. (8/31/2018)


"Michael is a great trainer and curtails training sessions to fit each individual client's needs in a relaxed, laid back environment. He challenged me to push my limits and achieve my goals. Michael is professional and knows what he's talking about. He also is very reasonable in terms of pricing and I never felt like he was trying to up-sell me like some trainers do. He wanted me to be able to perform the various exercises on my own. I can't thank him enough for helping me get to where I wanted to be and for teaching me things about lifting that I didn't know before. He is definitely worth every penny!"

Sean S. (10/30/2017)


"Mike is an awesome trainer! I saw him once a week for about 5 months. We did a variety of different workouts but mainly focused on cardio. I was never big into working out but Mike was able to designed a circuit program that was perfect for me. I enjoyed our session so much that I went twice a week. Even in our short time together, I notice significant improvement with myself. I have a lot more energy throughout the day and I couldn’t be happier. I would highly recommend Mike to anyone who is looking to get in shape and see fast results. Best of luck in Florida!"

Mike M. (1/25/2018)


"I’ve been going to Mike for about 3 months and he has been the best trainer I have ever had! He customizes the work out to your fitness level and I helps to build you up to the next level. A lot of gyms in this area just want to take your money and throw a work out at you and leave you to figure it out on your own. Mike is nothing like that he makes sure you are using the proper form, encouraging and patient. He is truly the best!"

- Eileen P. (6/27/2018)


"I should have written this review about two years ago but I feel compelled to write one now. I found Mike through a Craigslist post and I trained with him for several months in 2016. I’ve referenced training methods Mike taught me even two yrs after being trained. He is an excellent trainer, he is passionate about his work, and he has a way of getting you through tough workouts with ease, and he has a very nice personality. Thank you Mike, for a lifetime of fitness knowledge! I wish I still lived in his area because I would definitely go back to training with him!"

- Rachel S. (2/1/2019)


"Discovered this Diamond in the ruff one day visiting the site next to it, but God am i thankful!
Upon the initial tour and walk through instantly I felt welcomed by Mike ( Owner/Trainer) and since then have been a loyal client!
Mike really takes his time to adjust and develop the best workout regimen suited to best help improve your desired goal; likewise Mike, is an extremely understanding and flexible person to help adjust your scheduling when “Life’s unexpected occurrences” pop up!
Mike also ensures to give you as his client the best guidance he can, with 100% undivided attention to ensure your safety with the workout and physical movements. All while having a grand big smile on his face!
Truly if looking for a genuine trainer whom will keep your health in its entirety as a priority, while also making very noticeable physical progression in your overall Physical Health, then Andreini Fitness is your gym!!

Thank you for everything thus far Mike!"

- TJ Y. (11/3/2018)


"The perfect combination of a Crossfit like gym AND personal personal training studio. Mike is extremely qualified and experienced in all aspects of fitness. Customized programming, clean studio AND fun. Best kept secret gym in Orlando."

- Jess D. (3/26/2019)


" I have been to many personal trainers in my lifetime, and Mike is by far one of best! I found Andreini Fitness on Groupon and what a pleasant surprise! I initially did the private personal training sessions and moved to the semi-private classes. Mike is such a great guy, very down to earth and genuinely cares about your fitness goals. Mike motivates you and pushes you toward those fitness goals while still being mindful and respectful of your physical limitations. I have weak knees and Mike was able to make modifications to exercises to accommodate my knee issues. I highly recommend Mike at Andreini will not be disappointed!"

- Angela N. (3/25/2019)


" Mike has been great. I have lost 40+ pounds, through his guidance. His combination of physical workouts and his advice of eating habits it was a game changer. I am healthy, stronger, and feel great about myself all due to his instruction."

- Gary G. (6/25/2019)


"I loved Andreni Fitness! I was with Mike for a little over a year, till he left PA. Mike was very empathetic to all the areas that I wanted to improve and made me feel comfortable while working out. He was personable and pleasant to be around; it’s sad he left the area. I would highly recommend!!" - Christie G. - (5/25/2018)


"Michael is a phenomenal trainer who meets you in your current physical condition and helps you meet your goals. He approaches health from a holistic standpoint and helps you build out both a meal and fitness plan. He's very laid-back and a great teacher. Would absolutely recommend him if you need expert guidance in meeting your fitness goals."

- Matt K. (8/2/2019)


"Michael is an awesome coach/trainer to work with. This is my first time working with a trainer and I am really enjoying it. He frames the workouts according to your body and needs.

Super flexible and accommodating with scheduling which is great for my busy schedule. Very informative and knowledgeable on nutrition, physical fitness, etc.

Would highly recommend him for your personal training needs! =)" - DJ P. (12/15/2019)


Mike is a great personal trainer; he cares about his client’s goals and keeping them motivated. I’ve made great progress since starting with Mike eight months ago. He has a nice private studio, fully equipped and very clean.

Highly recommend Andrieni Fitness for anyone looking for a quality personal trainer! - Sean M.


"Highly recommended trainer. He's patient and knowledgeable. Great variety in training and equipment. Been training for 2 months now and I can see changes already!" - Sarah E. (12/20/2019)


"Michael is one of the most intense and dedicated trainers I've ever encountered. He brings with him not just a wealth of knowledge and experience, but a positive attitude! You will leave a training session with him feeling better and wanting to push yourself harder to achieve your goals! I started 6 months ago with him. I feel much stronger. He patiently dealt with my previous injuries and worked with my busy schedule. Definitely a 5-Star Trainer!!" - Ali V. (7/3/2020)


If you want a knowledgeable, motivating, and focused trainer, Mike is your guy. He seriously transformed me (mindset and body). I was always a very intimidated gym goer so Mike was my saving grace at finally getting into shape and the cherry of top is the confidence he instilled. It's very clear that he loves what he does and I will always be grateful for Andreini Fitness! Also worth mentioning, the training space is comfortable and super CLEAN. - Hannah R. (3/7/2023)


Michael is an amazing coach, very patient and always brings out positive energy during class. Helped me reach my fitness goals beyond my expectations. Highly highly recommend! -YuanYuan Z. (2/3/2023)


I have had the most incredible experience at Andreini fitness! Michael is an excellent trainer and works with you every step of the way on how to meet your personal goals. I knew nothing about using weights and working out in general before him and now I have such a better understanding of everything. I tried many different types of workouts and diets before seeing him with little results and he helped me lose over 20 pounds. - Hailey B. (8/12/2023)


I've been working out with Michael Andreini for seven months and am super stoked with the results. I am in the best shape of my life and feel stronger and more alive. I am down 25lbs and replacing fat with muscle each day. Michael's approach is top notch and his coaching on fitness/nutrition have changed my life. Highly recommend him to anyone wanting to reach health and fitness goals. 👍🏽👍🏽 - Jeff R. (9/25/2022)


These past couple months training with Mike have been nothing but an extremely positive experience for me. After having different personal trainers in the past…for the first time ever I felt comfortable. His patience and understanding of each individuals needs is so amazing. His gym is truly a safe space. This is the strongest I have ever been in my entire life, something I never imagined I could be capable of. With his help it has become my new reality. Whether you are a beginner or experienced, I can’t recommend him enough, if you are considering it, you must GO to him! - Annisa W. (2/10/2024)


I have been training with Michael for about 4 months now and hands down he is the best trainer i have had. Not only is he amazing at showing you how to properly engage and do your movements and workouts, but his love for what he does is evident with the way he works with everyone individually to meet their specific body goals. I would recommend this trainer to anyone and everyone looking to get into any kind of excersise! Such a pleasure to work with, and a great friend who genuinely cares about your progress and goals!
- Sandro A. (1/15/2023)

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